20x30 Design

Here was my design for their 20x30 space (they had a 30x30 which we utilized this same booth with a few added elements). Ideally with these large spaces, booths are allowed large hanging signs so I wanted to make sure to use that allowed height to attract attendees from further away. Quest is a modern company providing modern software solutions, so we wanted to make sure the aesthetic represents them as a company.


20x20 Design

This booth utilizes over 75% of the panels and elements from the larger 20x30, yet the design is dramatically different in shape. My focus with booth design is to minimize duplicate pieces and allow my clients to have multi-functional booths without purchasing 3-5 different exhibits.


10x20 Design

The smallest design is reduced in overall height due to normal restrictions of being inline or on a corner. This means I can't use a hanging sign either. Once again though, all of these panels and elements are form the original 20x30 design. Multiple booths, multiple looks, one low price.


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