Initial Concepts

The City of Long Beach and the DLBA (Downtown Long Beach Alliance) held a competition for local artists to develop and design concepts for a "Decal Project" they were initiating. Their focus was to promote pedestrian exploration of the many parts of Downtown Long Beach. With little information, and lots of creativity I created three design ideas for the competition and ultimately won! The image above was one of the very first concepts I developed.


Icon Designs

Along with the decal designs, I was commissioned to create specific icons for the specific locations the DLBA wanted to direct or inform pedestrians. These were often to landmarks, food, drinks, or entertainment found in the local Downtown area. Using these icons we were able to reduce the overall copy needed for each decal and create a better aesthetic.


Final Outcome

Designs have been approved and the DLBA has over 50 of these currently on the streets of Downtown Long Beach! There are plans to incorporate specific businesses and sponsors to drive pedestrians to establishments or events throughout the city. This is just the first iteration of these motivational design projects and I am so proud to be a part of it!


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